Mentor History

Kilgroe has studied privately in lessons under Jon Gauer since 2019 (ongoing), Joshua Decker since 2023 (ongoing), and Dr. Sean Friar since 2024 (ongoing).

Other notable mentors, among many, include ensemble directors of:

 Performance History


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Notable Venues

Musical Compositions

All of these compositions are 100% original to me. Contact me for details on any composition or for my updated compositions list.

View my compositions website to view my comp portfolio.

Recent Recordings

All of these are my own performance.

November 25, 2023 - Trombone Thingy

Multitrack (otherwise unaltered), Original Composition

August 09, 2023 - Trumpet Madison Scouts 2023 - The SoundGarden

UNALTERED, Low-quality mic

September 26, 2022 - Trumpet Bosquet (#7)

UNALTERED, Recorded for an audition
Bosquet #7.MOV


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